We extract and benefitiate bauxite, a reddish rock that is the raw material of aluminum. With safety and socio-environmental commitment, we supply the domestic and international markets with a product of excellent quality, which helps to develop the region where we operate and Brazil as a whole.

The value of bauxite

From the soil we obtain the raw material used in industries and services essential to modern life, such as transmission and distribution of energy, medical equipment, computers, construction, packaging and a wide variety of household utensils.

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How we work

Our annual production is around 12 million tons. The result of the talent of thousands of professionals involved in the extraction, beneficiation, rail transport, drying and shipment of bauxite to refineries on three continents.

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The destinations of the Porto Trombetas bauxite

Most of the MRN bauxite remains in Brazil, where it is transformed into alumina and metal aluminum in other industries in the states of Pará and Maranhão.The rest of the production is exported to countries in North America,

Europe and Asia. The ships departing from Porto Trombetas with bauxite sail hundreds of kilometers along the rivers in the Amazon as far as the Atlantic Ocean.