Welcome to the MRN Supplier room.

Mineração Rio do Norte (MRN) values local procurement because the relations with suppliers in the region generates benefits, such as more dynamic and flexible service, besides contributing to the local socioeconomic growth.

Here you can register your company to be one of our suppliers. After the registering, we will audit the documents and acknowledge by e-mail to participate in the company's procurement negotiations.

In 2020, for example, purchases of local food services, laboratory analyses, accommodation, transportation, among others, were expanded during the most critical period of the pandemic, when MRN strengthened several actions to contain covid-19 in western Pará.

Currently, among the more than 3,600 suppliers registered by the company, more than 800 are local suppliers. And MRN expects this number to increase annually, thus contributing to the development of the supply network in Pará.



By adapting to MRN's procedures and standards, the local supplier also opens new horizons, having the possibility to expand outside the region or the state in serving other companies in the mining sector.


Main requirements to be part of MRN's database of registered companies and services:

  • Historical proof of technical capability for the scope to which you wish to supply MRN;
  • Proof of regularity with the treasury departments at the federal, state and municipal levels;
  • Proof of regularity with FGTS and INSS (Good Standing Certificate);
  • Not being involved in any corruption-related event of any kind;
  • Having no history of involvement with the use of child or slave labor.


Automation for purchase management in an integrated digital environment

Always in line with investments in technological innovations to improve its processes, Mineração Rio do Norte (MRN) will speed up the registration of suppliers with the Paradigma tool, a purchase management system and marketplace to be implemented to centralize and systematize the purchasing process, from request to delivery, including the management and approval of suppliers (Supplier Registration), management of catalogs and contracts.

Through the Paradigma, the supplier will be able to include all the basic register information and attach mandatory documents according to the category of activity. Internally, the supplier will only be audited in the documentation and information entered.

The tool will serve as a social network, speeding up approval requests and quest for new suppliers for buyers.

This way, it provides a 360° work, also making possible the interaction in the portal of receiving the scope of service, sending the technical and commercial proposal, quotation/negotiation and even reverse auction, where MRN will publish a certain product for quotation and the suppliers will be able to bid.

The Paradigma is expected to be implemented in the first half of March 2021, when its access link will be available here.



Equipment Auction

Interested in buying machines, equipment, light- and heavy-duty vehicles, parts and spare parts in good keep? Through a partnership with Superbid, Mineração Rio do Norte makes this space available to those interested in acquiring these products.

Access mrn.superbid.net and register to participate in auctions to buy the products. The auctions are available on different platforms that can be accessed through this link. Keep an eye on the schedule, as each event has a number, start and end dates.