• We employ over 6 thousand professionals.
  • We produce over 12 million tons/year.
  • Our production is exported to three continents.
  • We keep strong relations with the region where we operate, with more than 100 thousand people benefited from social and environmental actions in 2019.


Four decades in the Amazon

We have been in the region since 1979 with operations located in western Pará.

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Sustainable mining

  We live and work within the Saracá-Taquera National Forest, a sustainable-use conservation unit managed by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio).

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  • We are located in the district of Porto Trombetas, western Pará State, with operations covering the municipalities of Oriximiná and Terra Santa.
  • Very close to important economic and tourist centers of the region, such as Santarém (Pará State), Parintins and Manaus (Amazonas State)..
  • And we have offices in Belém (Pará State), thus facilitating the relations with representatives of the Brazilian mineral sector..

Get to know the principles that guide our operations:

  • To undertake a participative and transparent management model.
  • To make rational use of bauxite reserves in order to render the business feasible.
  • To minimize the risks for the organization.
  • To provide a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment for our professionals, both direct and indirect ones.
  • To maintain a good organizational climate, whereby credibility and respect for people are permanent and spontaneous.
  • To value our team by promoting its permanent professional and personal development.
  • To promote communication with our various target audiences.
  • To strengthen and preserve the image of MRN.
  • To contribute to local socio-economic development through actions and programs in the areas of income generation, health, environment and education.


To produce bauxite and supply the ore in full compliance to quality specifications, thus ensuring customer satisfaction and an adequate return on the investment of our shareholders, therefore maintaining a relationship of deep respect for people and nature.


To be an economically sound company, achieving performance levels compatible with the best operations in the world, and supported by the principles of public and social responsibility.


To give continuity to the company's life cycle by promoting a cultural change with austerity and transparency and by maximizing resources in a sustainable way and avoiding waste, thus respecting the environment and the people while supported by the principles of public and social responsibility.



Shareholding Structure

We are a privately held company made up by three shareholding companies.